About Sandra Wolff

The Wolff

Since Sandra began her journey through the magical universe of visual art, she has from the very beginning emphasized sustainability and all that it entails as one of the most important messages for her exhibitions. With works made entirely recycled canvases and materials, the brightly colored motifs speak for themselves. Ifølge Sandra, er der intet der ikke kan få nyt liv. ”Jeg tror på at verden bliver et bedre sted, hvis man ikke ser gamle ting som skrald, men i stedet som investeringsobjekter der kan udformes til noget smukt og unikt”. ”Mediet er egentligt underordnet, det eneste der skal til er at lade al idémylder omfavne de genbrugte skatte og på den måde give det nyt liv og sjæl ”, fortæller hun. According to Sandra, there is nothing that cannot be given new life. "I believe that the world will be a better place if you do not see old things as garbage, but instead as investment objects that can be designed into something beautiful and unique". "The medium is really subordinate, all it takes is to let all the rush of ideas embrace the recycled treasures and thus give it new life and soul," she says.

A little introduction in danish from 2018...