Je Suis Wolff - A traveling exhibition

Je Suis Wolff an exhibition about breaking the many faces of terrorism
The exhibition Je Suis Wolff, which is named after the well-known terrorist act directed against the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, takes as its starting point in how you as a human being at some point in life will stand face to face across from one of the many faces of terrorism.
In april opens Cafe opened its doors for a unique exhibition, at cafe Moonfisher inspired by the ability to see the fear in their eyes and manipulate internal terror. The artist behind is Sandra Wolff, a woman who so has worked with their own personal trauma and that through art has found its way to heal. According to Sandra, terrorism can have many faces and unfold in different ways, whether terrorism hitting one's own personal life or with family and loved ones. "Terrorism is not only death and destruction, but can appear in the form of both physical constraints, separation, bullying, divorce, mental disorder and heartbreaks and much more," she says.
Healing through creative expressionism
The exhibition focuses on the feelings and thoughts that are often difficult to express verbally. "Personally, I've worked my trauma through creative Expressionism, an ability I would otherwise not possessed, but which appeared like a miracle from the universe as a solution to handle the emotions that otherwise has always been impossible to put into words," said Sandra Wolff. Precisely for this reason, it is the artist's greatest wish that the exhibition will be a source of inspiration for many people, while setting the stage for interesting conversations and discussions. In particular, she hopes that those who often allow themselves to be limited by its internal terror, will view the exhibition's many facets as a hope and a belief that the light will always return. "I urge everyone to dive deep in themselves, to try to find a creative way to turn all the negative energy for self healing and personal art", she says final.